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Malinheads „probegepogt aus Spandau“ 7" EP -C-

Berlin hardcore from 1983! Official reissue of their first EP, originally on the mighty Pogar records and probably my favourite record on that ground breaking early 80ies Berlin Punk label. Available late October.

Primates „control salvaje“ 7" EP -C-

Yes Sir! Their debut 7" was boss, so is their second EP here. There´s a lot of hype going on with Spanish Punk these days and here´a band that would justify all that hype alone. If they had fancy haircuts and would live in the city of Barcelona they would have been on their 3rd U.S. tour allready
Condenada „mother tongue“ 7" EP -C-

After a great debut on Lengua Armada and a split with Sin Orden, here´s the 3rd vinyl release by this great all female d.i.y. Punk band from Chicago. Unless other American „girlbands“ they still prefer a good backyard show to playing a half empty hall full of indie rockers. Four great and catchy Punk tunes here, including well thought political aware lyrics.

V/A „Does it hurt?“ LP -A-

Holy shit, it´s out finally! A few years in the making here comes the ultimate international HC compilation. 21 songs, 7 bands, raging from start to finnish. Here the line up:
Sotatila (Aut/Fin-3 songs), Dumbstruck (UK-4 songs), Charlie (It-3 songs), Ruidosa Inmundicia (Aut-4 songs), Yellow Eyes (US-3 songs), No Slogan (US-2 songs) and Narsaak (Ger-2 songs).

Sotatila-vituttaa mp3
Dumbstruck-weakness mp3
Charlie-vatican in flames mp3
No Slogan-columbine mp3
Ruidosa Inmundicia-lobos con hambre mp3
Yellow Eyes-last militia mp3
Narsaak-treibjagd mp3

Narsaak “prasina“ 7“ EP NARSAAK „prasina“ 7“ EP -C-

I can´t believe they put out a new 7”, and I can´t believe they do it on Thought Crime. When I first heared them it was when their split 7” with Deadbeat came out in 95. They played melody driven Scandy HC already before Wolfpack had a record out, and long long before Tragedy turned a million americanised trendhoppers onto that stuff. They did put out several EPs and split EPs after that, but never really toured or anything. All their records are great musically and the lyrics frequently make my blood freeze. Their singer is from Bosnia originally, that´s why many of their songs are in serbo-kroatian, which I think is the most brutal sounding language for a HC band, well besides Finnish maybe. Out October 08.

Narsaak-prasinerija mp3
Solid Decline/Ruidosa Inmundicia split RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA/SOLID DECLINE split LP -A-

Ten shredders by Vienna´s Ruidosa Inmundicia that are proof that their crucial “de una vez” EP was no one hit wonder. If you still think that there can´t be good hardcore coming from a place like that, you´re way lame and you can put your reactionary nation guided categories up your poopshute. On the flip there´s a bunch of East Germans that used to be the thrash band Y. After changing the bandname and getting lost in generic crust territories quite a bit, the band must be on its peak now. Besides diverse other sources they´re paying homage to 80ies American HC, but not necessarily to the early Boston, DC or LA scenes that have become revivaled to death these days. It´s rather bands like early Hüsker Dü, Christ On Parade, Die Kreuzen etc. whose legacy you can sense when you listen with an open mind.

Ruidosa Inmundicia-condiciones inhumanas mp3
Solid Decline-Lasst die Spiele beginnen II mp3

(no distribution to the U.S. and Canada, please contact for U.S. version)
cementario_show_l_amico_di L´AMICO DI MARTUCCI/CEMENTERIO SHÖW split 7" EP -C-

All you would expect from Spanish thrashmasters C.S.:A furious, out of control
Hardcore tornado that hits you like a shot in the knee.
Italy’s LADM where so fucking incredible, you wouldn´t believe it!! They sounded
like Indigesti playing Agent Orange covers. Like most bands that came out on
Thought Crime lately, they broke up way too early. If you never saw them live, you missed one of the best live bands I have ever seen!

L´Amico Di Martucci-il piscio ed il vento mp3
Cementerio Shöw-mudo mp3