TCR 1-4: Well, the label started in just the same profesional manner Thought Crime Records is known for nowadays. There´s no way I could recall what was first and what came after nowadays. In fact, Jens put out 3 records before we met. That was Active Minds/Yacopsae split 7” (probably around 1500 pressed), Ebola (Ger) s/t 7” (1000 made), Cluster Bomb Unit 7” (1000 made). At the same time, I put out the only vinyl release ever on my own My War label which was the Inward 7”(1000 copies). All these records are long sold out, but frequently pile up in $1 bins between Frisco and Timbuctu.

TCR 5: Cluster Bomb Unit 10”. The first release after me and Jens joined forces in 96. 1000 made. Sold Out.

TCR 6: Pink Flamingos “poppin eye effect” 7”. A monster of a fucking record!!! Still one of my favourites. Some 1600 made, sold out but should be cheap if you find it.

TCR 7: Skrupel “no lie” 7”. Sold out.

TCR 8: Inward “Zeit zum Träumen” 10” . 1000 copies. Sold out. It possibly happened in 97.

TCR 9: Abraxas Fäkalien 7”. 1000 copies. Sold out.

TCR 10: Farcical 7” . 1000 copies made. Still available.

TCR 11: Barricades “the same anguish” LP. For the first time, we had to carry 1000 LPs up the stairs to our old little office in Berlin F-Hain. Some years later, I had to carry around 500 of them again back down and take them to the Black Hole. That´s what I call the place where all the No Gos rot today. Not the worst thing we did, I have to admit though.

TCR 12:
Skrupel/Stalker split 7” . A nice little fucker. 1000 copies made and long gone.

TCR 13: M.V.D/Ebola split LP. 1000 made. Sold out.

TCR 14: Third World Planet “from isolation to desolation” 7”. 1000 made. Sold out.

TCR 15: Y “Ali Bomaye” LP. Split release with Anomie Records. 1000 made. Sold out. It was put out on CD by Sound Pollution Records along with all the early rubbish later.

TCR 16: Nonconformist “touch reality” 10”. Actually came on Jens’ side-label Disgraceland, since I vetoed it. 1000 made. Sold Out.

TCR 17: Missing in some interstellar overdrive.

TCR 18: Barricades “pain off” 7”. 1000 copies. Black Hole.

TCR 19: Pink Flamingos “Crippled Silence” CD. The only CD we ever did with the kind help of Lars, singer of P.F. 1000 copies. Sold Out.

TCR 20: Unsilent Minority “death reggae” LP. Black Hole, oh well!

TCR 21: Comatose 7”. 1000 copies made. Sold out.

TCR 22: Stalker/D.D.I. split LP. Could have been a minor classic if things wouldn´t have gone out of control sound-wise on the Stalker side. D.D.I. rule, even though today I´d definitely veto that offbeat song. Split release with Maximum Voice, 1500 made. Sold Out. CD version later came on Answer Records out of Japan.

TCR 23: The year 1998 marked a point when Jens left the sinking boat and I decided to continue things solo. Dir Yassin “durchbrechender Geist” 7”. 2000 or 2500 copies made, what do I know. Sold out, but later reissued on Alerta Antifascista along with their other material.

TCR 24: Skrupel LP, 1000 made. Still available.

TCR 25: Blood Of Others “unthinkable thought” 7”. 1000 made. Still available.

TCR 26: Cyness/Ohuzaru split 7”. It certainly wasn´t my best idea ever to put two bands on a split that sound so entirely different. It was the vinyl debut by Cyness and an early release by Ohuzaru, and meanwhile both bands managed to achieve quite a name in their own genres. 1000 made. Sold out.

TCR 27: Crude B.E./Allee Der Kosmonauten 10”. 1000 made. Still available.

TCR 28: Los Vaticanos “nerone 666” LP. Splitrelease with La Corona Di Spine. 1000 made. Still available.

TCR 29: Y/My Own Lies split LP. Split release with Flowerviolence. 1500 made. Sold out. CD version on Peculio Discos/ Brazil.

TCR 30: Y/Dumbstruck split 7". Some better Y stuff , Dumbstruck blow brains out on the flip, and the cover printig is one of Olli´s masterpieces. 1000 made. Sold Out.

TCR 31: Disidencia 7”. Some people called it the best release on Thought Crime. I call it one of the best releases and the most underrated. 500 made in 2002. Sold Out.

TCR 32: L Amico Di Martucci/Cementerio Shöw split 7”. LADM in fact were the best band ever on Thought Crime. Sorry to Ruidosa Inmundicia, sorry to Pink Flamingos, sorry to Disidencia but we are talking about L Amico Di Martucci here. I was offered to put out their 7” as well, but had no funds at the time. No money, what a fucking honk I was, considering that the Agipunk single for sure is one of the rare punk milestones in recent times. Anyways, here´s the split. 1000 made, I can´t believe I only sold 800 in 3 years. Punk must be over!

TCR 33: Intensity/E 150 split 7”. Very good record, two increadible bands at their peak. 1000 made. Sold out.

TCR 34: Ruidosa Inmundicia “de una vez” 7”. They were the surprice of the century to me. I think I first met their drummer at a Y show in vienna when he was 15. Years later I saw his band play a show in Helsinki and I instantly became their biggest fan. After a great demo this was their vinyl debut. 1000 made (second pressing had a greyish cover). Sold out.

TCR 35: Die Angst s/t 7“ . I stopped selling this 2 weeks after release cause I found out that one of their members also playes in the very dodgy Neo Folk band Sonne Hagal. The latter has a right-wing following and frequently team up with notorious rightwingers like Ian Read or Markus Wolff on their records. Also they released several records on the German right-wing label Eislicht. Die Angst never made an attempt to clear things up, so I stopped their record, that´s all. Pretty much all circulating copies must be the band´s freecopies or promotional records I´ve sent out before all the crap came to my attention. There´s no business like show business, oh well!

TCR 36: Ruidosa Inmundicia/Solid Decline split LP. Still available.

TCR 37: Narsaak “prasina“ 7“ EP

TCR 38: V/A "Does it hurt?" LP featuring Sotatila, Dumbstruck, Charlie, No Slogan, Ruidosa Inmundicia, Yellow Eyes and Narsaak.