Thought Crime Records is a D.I.Y. record label, more or less dedicated to the punk underground. It was none less then Jens Walter, Pink Flamingo’s bass player who started the label in 1995 and was soon joined by myself. Together, we manouvered the constantly sinking ship through the following years and also tried to build up a distro on the side, mainly to sell the immense amount of trade records we accumulated along the way. We managed to sink incredible amounts of cash into a big black hole in only a few years and Jens decided to leave in 1998. I decided to continue with a slightly changed agenda. I wanted to get rid of the distro and focus on the label. Also, I decided to keep things as small as possible and generally focus on quality releases by bands that I personally really like and also have a personal connection to.

Even though there is a Pink Flamingos discography CD on Thought Crime, I mainly put out vinyl since I think CDs are crap. Today more than ever! I believe this format will probably be history soon anyways and all you CD buyers will be forcefed some new way of music consumption created by the music industry.

Many Thought Crime releases are still available. Some are easy to find in the $1 bins around the globe and some are not so easy to find. I always keep a few copies of a release that is soon to be sold out for fans that might be too late. So yes, you can ask me for a certain record that might be gone from the distros and I might still have one for you. None of my releases goes for big bucks on ebay anyways, so there should always be a way to find the records cheap.

As you can see, the distro is still there, but it´s a lot smaller now. Also remember that I run this in the spare time I have away from my dayjob. So sorry in advance if your order might be delayed a little bit. If you run a distro and want to buy any of my records, please read the ordering conditions. If you are in a band and want to send a demo, please do so if you think that your band would fit in with my musical preferences and the ideals behind the label.

If you run a label yourself and wanna trade, please note that I only trade for stuff that I like myself. If your releases promote racism, discredit women or minorities or are just plain stupid garbage, please stay away from me with that rubbish. Got it? Thanks!